The Wedding Poet
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You want your wedding to say something unique about you as a couple—something that defines your relationship and your hopes for your future together.

Yet, the more you plan your big day, the more you realize that it’s all been done before, thousands of times for thousands of other couples.

The truth is that when the day is over and done, what will you have to show for all the expense andfussing but a few photos and a dress or a tux you may never wear again? The food could have been served at any event, the band played its standard repertoire, and the favors were cute, but not all that unusual.

The Wedding Poet can transform a ceremony thatmight have been conducted for any couple under the sun into a ceremony that allows your uniqueness as a couple to shine forth to your family and friends.

Heidi Nye, who has been writing and performing personalized poems at weddings since 1986, begins with an interview to uncover a “defining moment” in your relationship or some turn of events that brought you together. Using the specific places and situations that make your love unique, Heidi then crafts a poem that she memorizes and recites at your wedding or reception.

You are presented with a framed copy of your poem as a cherished keepsake of your wedding day. No two poems are alike, since no two couples and no two relationships are alike. Everything from the invitations to the honeymoon may have been done a thousand times before by a thousand other couples, but your personalized wedding poem is yours alone.


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